About Guernsey

A safe, stable and secure place to live, work, invest and do business

Well regulated, cooperative and transparent

Guernsey is a British Crown Dependency with 800 years' history of constitutional independence, and is recognised for its political and economic stability. 

Guernsey is self-governing with close links to the UK and Europe, with access to global markets.

As an international finance centre, Guernsey has more than five decades of experience in private wealth, investment and funds, insurance, pensions, banking and sustainable finance.

Guernsey's expertise is underpinned by a strong ecosystem of expert corporate service providers. Guernsey is also recognised as a global leader in sustainable finance.

Moneyval compliant

Compliant with MONEYVAL standards and committed to AML/ CFT


An early adopter of the OECD's common reporting standards, with respect to client privacy

Committed to substance

Whitelisted by the EU and OECD in 2019 with a robust regulatory environment

Tax Neutral

A robust stance against tax evasion and committed to EU principles of fair taxation

Value of Guernsey Financial Services to the UK

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Investment and Funds

White Star Capital


Langham Hall (Guernsey) Limited

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Fitzroy Tax Services


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