Transform uncertainty into better decisions.

Dorey Financial Modelling is an international Actuarial Technology (AcTech) company based in Guernsey. The core of our work is applying actuarial science to help provide smart solutions for our clients across a wide range of sectors. Clients respect our impartiality and know that we will offer them a solution that is right for their business. We love the challenge of a problem and finding the most appropriate solution.


Our key disciplines include:

    • financial and demographic modelling for governments and pension funds
    • economic modelling
    • asset allocation oversight
    • quantitative analysis
    • big data analysis
    • financial communications
    • machine learning
    • financial technology



Since PRIIPS KID regulation came into force in 2018, our actuarial team has produced PRIIPs KIDS for over 200 investment institutions, supporting multiple IPOs in funds investing in new alternative assets for the first time.
If you would like support from our independent team, contact us at [email protected] or visit to find out how we can make things simpler for you.


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