IAM Advisory is an independent investment business offering advice and support on all material aspects in the investment, management and governance of investment portfolios, whatever their size. The company enables a beneficiary, owner or trustee to properly structure, monitor and control all of their investment activity whether managed internally, externally through fund managers or a combination of the two.

Whilst the original focus of their business was providing investment advice to sovereign wealth funds, they now, in addition, cover a complete range of clients from HNWI, pension plans, trusts, corporate trustees, IFAs, corporate treasuries, insurance captives, etc. The bespoke service provided enables a client to design and implement investment policies that are appropriate to their risk capacity and risk appetite. The trustee service allows professional fiduciaries to efficiently manage their investment and governance responsibilities as part of a comprehensive family office support function. The forensic service, developed in response to the growing trend towards litigation, provides support to either plaintiff or defendant in the sophisticated presentation of their case or expert witness testimony.

Underpinning the business are innovative proprietary systems that address one of the central problems in modern investment management - the ever-increasing reliance on benchmarks and market peer group comparisons. In practice, benchmarks and peer universes act to restrict dynamism, increase risks and diminish potential returns. The approaches were originally conceived to assess how the external investment managers of a client's sovereign wealth fund were performing under complex investment guidelines and to encourage active and effective fund management. They have general application to any manager from discretionary private client to specialist institutional fund.

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Michael Strachan

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