Guernsey Finance has announced the appointment of a new board member.

Deputy Nick Moakes, who is Financial Services Lead for the States of Guernsey’s Committee for Economic Development, has taken on the role which will provide additional support to the board of the island’s promotional agency for financial services. He joins Paul Sykes, Kate Storey, Deputy Steve Falla, Guernsey Finance Chief Executive Rupert Pleasant, Deputy Chief Executive Barnaby Molloy, Deputy Chairman Kevin Boscher and current Chairman Deputy Lyndon Trott.

Originally based in London, Nick spent 25 years working for some of the world’s leading financial services companies including Visa and American Express. Nick is the current Chair of the Finance Sector Forum and regularly represents Guernsey, both here and abroad, in his external relations role.

Nick said: “I am passionate about our financial services sector, so I am thrilled to be joining the board of Guernsey Finance. I will continue to speak up for the sector and represent it both locally and internationally.”

Guernsey Finance’s Chief Executive, Rupert Pleasant, said that he was delighted to welcome Nick to the board: “Nick brings a wealth of expertise to the table across multiple facets of the financial services sector.

“I am thrilled to welcome him to the board, and I am sure his expertise will enable us to further Guernsey’s hard-earned reputation as a competitive financial services centre.”